Technical Support

Some important cautions need to be considered prior to any paint process undertaking:

  • Ensure that the moist/ humid level on the surface is less than 8%, in case of difficulty undertaking as such, make sure that you call the technical support area in the company to provide you with the correct technical instructions.
  • Ensure that the surrounding moist/ humid levels are less than 80%, prevent undertaking any painting procedures at times of which dews are formed.
  • Surface temperatures must be more than 10°C and less than 35°C.
  • Ensure that plankton dust, dirt & oils are cleaned before applying the paints.
  • Use the appropriate surface preparations methods.
  • Before applying paints, you must read and understand the product’s technical specifications and application methods.
  • Always ensure about the product’s consistency&homogeneity before applying paints and at the same time undertake a sufficient stirring on the product for at least 10 minutes prior to use.
  • Use the proposed and recommended thinner prior to paints application and avoid using any other thinner.
  • Make sure that you follow the recommended paints mitigation considering the temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Don’t proceed with the second layer paint till the previous ones are completely dry.
  • Make sure that you usually use the suitable surface painting base.
  • Ensure that the requested painting quantities are in accordance and comply with the Calculations of Quantities (see the quantities calculation program) or refer to the salesman to calculate such quantities before purchasing.
  • Ensure about the ability of applying the paint over the previous one.
  • Ensure about the sufficiency of air recycling while applying the products, volatile organic materials should be accounted for of which the paints contained before application and use along with the international environment standards.
  • Keep paints away from reach of children.  Children must be always away from the painted areas for at least 72 hours post the paint completion.  It is also preferred to use products are child-specific for the health and safety.
  • In case of skin of eye contact by paints, wash well with mater, it is also important to prevent eating or drinking while applying the paint.  In case of any technical issues in paints after application, technical support unit must be contacted ahead of reapplication.
  • For further information please don’t hesitate to contact the Technical Support Unit on their email.