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An advanced techniques facilitated and approved by (TechnoCoat Paints) for developments and researches

Techno Coat Company has recently approved a new advanced and developed technique to undertake researches and developments by using analytical and statistical means to its technical results’ experiments in the laboratories using an advanced and developed application under the supervisory of academic professors from the largest Saudi Arabian and European universities.   Such techniques would allow obtaining the best results with regards to the paints raw materials costs that reflects on the products authentic standards and technical specification.

It is known that the conventional method is depends on checking and estimating each painting’ affecting factors separately as well as by means of try and error of which would not provide the ultimate and best results whilst it requires significant amount of experiments.

In the last few days the Company’s Executive director Mr. AbdulmunimKhojaly presented several seminars and lecture in Jeddah & Riyadh with a good number of attendance where he introduced some of the recently developed products with a comparison versus the products prior to the that development been made on them.  Such comparison showed the positive development on the technical specification in addition to the cost reduction, where sales department undertook this impact on such reduction by discounting the rates on the consumers and agents.  This is emerged from the company’s management represented by Mr. SalehBashanfar concern in serving the domestic markets and provides the products that are in line with the international standards and quality as well as in a reasonable and suitable rates of which also can resists the weather conditions.

Mr. Bashanfar also stated that this research and development creative mean is including all conventional products in addition to the new ones, also this method is authenticated and approved in a large number of industries in Europe, where we would like to see it approved in the Saudi Arabian industries as well to better serve the Saudi market and its associated economy growths.


Training course in decorative paints

In collaboration with Emad Fahmy an expert in paints, technoCoat had held a training session for paints of special effects in the management of the company’s sales in Jeddah, attended by large number of sellers and painters and shop owners and decoration engineers in Jeddah and the course included a detailed explanation of the steps that have been followed in the manufacture of decorative paints and phases of paints of special effects and tools for various application, it also included an application of some types of modern decorative paints which the company has put in the local markets and overseas, such as techno pearl & emperor techno, which represents the evolution in the use of paints of special effects, such as external paints resistant to weather conditions and which gives a distinctive decorative form as it was customary formerly known how poor this kind of paints are and its poor resistance to washing and weather conditions, techno emperor forms the most important development for the external decorative paints, foreign has praised the level of the course and has showed their desire in more of these courses and activities.


Technical lecture for TechnoCoat in the Egyptian Engineers Forum

The engineer Emad Fahmy presented a technical lecture on the best ways to compare the different kinds of paints and theoretical evaluation to products and calculate the required quantities at the Egyptian Engineer’s Forum in KSA, Makkah dated (                      ) and on the sideline of the conference, which was attended by more than four hundred engineer working in the field of construction and organized by the Egyptian Engineer’s Society and the presence of a number of personalities who participated technoCoat in the exhibition of their modern products and accompanied days of the conference and met the approbation of the attendees and this participation is considered within the company’s plans of marketing to participate in the local and international activities to provide all what it has to service the sectors of paints in the kingdom. The executive director Mr. Abdulmonem Alkhojaly emphasized that the participation in all the technical and engineering activities is the top priorities of the company this year.


TechnoCoat produces the latest systems for quantities calculation of paints

In its portal, technoCoat has displayed and presented a special o paint specific areas as compact disks to its dealers and customers, and per the proper painting systems. This application is relying on the real necessary quantities calculation, as it make these calculations by measuring the values of loss factors according to the painting method used side by side with the surrounding weather conditions and nature of intended painting surfaces, where all those factors are causing effects on the actual painting coverage’s, then calculate the actual per square meter costs considering the pack proposed price, of which in return will assure to all customers to identify the real painting cost on them ahead start painting. Mr. Abdulmonem Alkhojaly managing director stated that the company is planning to conduct several seminars to explore and explain its application with its manipulation techniques to various engineering sectors and construction workers with contacting business specialists & professionals, such will be held in all country’s regions during the next month, where it will be officially announced by the end of this month.


TechnoCoat launches its modern wood painting products

From high quality painting production perspectives, of which complies with international standard, to protect the health as well as environment, technoCoat paints has launched its high quality wood painting products among of which the high accessibility and penetration wood surfaces paints. Such paints can provide the natural woods forms with an integrated wood protection systems from the surrounding circumstances in both internal $ external uses. Mr. Abdulmonem Alkhojaly stated that the company is making all necessary efforts to start with a marketing campaign for such products throughout various suitable and appropriate displaying means in all its outlets and sales channels.